What affects the price of the apartment?

The real estate market is booming, and the majority of Poles with substantial savings in banks are choosing to invest in properties that will appreciate in value over the next few months rather than hold on deposits, especially in the face of inflation.

But when it comes to finding your dream property in the capital city, whether it is for investment or for personal reasons, we often have to compromise. For example, if you want to purchase a bigger apartment but don’t have millions in your bank account, you will have to look at more remote areas away from the city centre.

The price of an apartment can vary depending on a few factors,

  • like how far away it is from the city center, 
  • the district of the city, 
  • the developer, 
  • and the standard of finish.

For example, if you’re looking for an apartment near the center by the river, you’ll pay more than if you’re in a smaller block surrounded by older tenements. Negotiations are also important, as it’s usually impossible to get a big discount from a primary market developer, but there are still plenty of chances to beat the price.

If you are on a tight budget, border towns are the best choice for you. We are talking about the border towns of Marki, Zmierzno, Jabłonna, and Józefowska. Disadvantage of these border towns is the long distance to the center and often to work. Therefore, you should expect long commute times and traffic jams, both in the morning when you go to the centre and in the afternoon when you come back from there.

On the right bank of Warsaw, the best option is the right-hand part of the city, particularly for young people. This includes the right-hand side of the city, such as the right bank neighborhoods of Bialoletnica, Wawer, etc. These neighborhoods have great potential for development because of their size and significant green areas. In addition, there are planned subway stations in the area in the near future. This means that as time passes, you can rent your apartment for yourself, and then rent it out for investment later.

Włochy is a similar low-cost district on the left-hand bank of Warsaw. Its main advantage is its close proximity to the main Warsaw ring road. It is also one of the fastest-developing neighborhoods in terms of both cultural and infrastructure development for local residents.

12,000-14,000 pln per square meter is no longer a shock to anyone. We’ve already seen it in Wola and Mokotow! The more expensive the building, the more unique it is – whether it’s an old tenement, a modern skyscraper or something else, the more expensive it will be. The highest prices in the capital can be up to 30,000 pln per square meter – so there’s a huge difference between the suburbs and the center. Of course, the price also depends on how close you are to the city’s main attractions, like culture and office buildings, which are becoming more and more common in Wola and the Palace of Culture area. But there are places that are even more expensive, like Konstancin and Podkowa Lechna – these are some of the priciest places in Poland.

As you can see, the price range in the capital is huge. When choosing an apartment, you should certainly be guided by your needs first, but not forgetting your finances. But if you want to avoid all the analysis and efforts required to find a proper offer, you can rely on ALLIANCE REALTY.

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