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Rental management and property administration in Warsaw

In 8 years, we have been trusted by more than 2,500 customers and more than 200 homeowners

Earn safely

We ensure the best possible rates with the shortest ratio to the vacancy period.

We advise or assume the entire process of finishing and furnishing the apartment, optimizing the cost of renovation and maintenance of the apartment.

Avoid problems

We look after your interests as if they were our own. We verify tenants in detail. We monitor all payments and the condition of the property.

We strive to bring you total calm and money always on time.

Save time

Our team of professionals fully prepares the apartment for rent, conducts its marketing and searches for a tenant.

The service also includes comprehensive rent settlement, tenant dispute resolution, debt collection and periodic inspections.


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Rental management of an apartment

What is it about?

Rental management and property administration involves taking care of the day-to-day maintenance of the property and ensuring that it is in the best possible technical and visual condition. The services include keeping the property clean, fixing defects and malfunctions, collecting rent payments along with searching for tenants.

Rental management - services

Rental management and property administration includes a range of activities that we customize according to the client’s needs

Services most often selected by small / private customers:

Services for large / institutional clients:

Who the property management service is for

Investors from outside Warsaw

Investors from outside Warsaw

Often the services of a rental management company are used by out-of-town investors. Remote rental control is virtually impossible, so a rental management service is extremely beneficial in such a situation.

Institutional investors

Institutional investors

Alliance Realty has experience in managing compounds consisting of more than 30 apartments. Our company focuses on ensuring tenant satisfaction and maintaining properties in excellent condition. We make sure that the investment we manage provides a profitable allocation of capital and strengthens the development of the investor's portfolio.

Owners without experience

Owners without experience

Lack of experience in drafting leases and selecting a tenant can lead to problems, the consequences of which can then be felt for months. Using a rental management service, the apartment is always rented safely, along with a guarantee of monthly profits.

Stages of work

Completing and verifying the necessary documents, we check the readiness of the flat for rent, make a detailed inventory, establish the mailing address with the utility providers.

Afterwards, we calculate the optimum rent for the flat and ensure its marketing: we take photos of the premises, prepare floor plans and descriptions for advertisements.

From the very beginning, we want to determine the profile of the person who may be interested in your apartment, so that we can match the content of the ads well with potential tenants.

We present the apartments to potential tenants and conduct a verification of them. In this way, we minimize the risk of renting an apartment to dishonest or insolvent tenants.

Our rental agreements are drafted by lawyers and take into account many situations that an owner of an apartment for rent would not consider on their own – they guarantee 100% security of tenancy. We will see to all the formalities during the signing of the contract, so that each party knows its obligations and rights.

Once the rental agreement is signed and the tenant pays the entire deposit and the sum of one month’s fees, we hand over the keys to the apartment.

During the rental period, we monitor payments to the administration and utility providers so that no debt arises anywhere. We also monitor the tenant’s rent payments and intervene as soon as there are the slightest delays.
In addition, we conduct standard inspections of the apartment.

We provide the tenant with maximum comfort in the apartment, so we are at his disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of reports of defects, we respond immediately, sending the appropriate professional to the apartment.

Thanks to the inventory carried out in advance, we are able to accurately verify that there is no damage to the apartment at the end of the lease. In the event of any damage, the appropriate amount is deducted from the deposit that the tenant paid at the beginning of the lease.

For the duration of the lease, the tenant takes out a tenant’s liability package. He insures himself (and his roommates) against any damage caused to the property.

Examples of working with ALLIANCE REALTY

2 bedroom apartment - Wola

The contract is for 1 year. ALLIANCE REALTY covers all utilities and meters. The owner of the apartment does not bear any additional costs associated with the renovation of the apartment or minor repairs.

District m2 The agreement signed for
12 m

2 bedroom apartment - Mokotów

Apartment after renovation from our partners. The contract is for 2 years. ALLIANCE REALTY covers all utilities and meters. The owner of the apartment does not cover any additional costs associated with the renovation of the apartment or minor repairs.

District m2 The agreement signed for
24 m

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